Welcome to Orctions - the board game from Quirkative.

Created by Elliot Symonds, author of the novels, The Chronicles of Umiat & Kenai, Orctions is the best Orc based bidding board game ever!!!!

Nominated for Best Strategic Card or Dice Game at UK Games Expo 2015


Orctions is a game for 3 to 8 players and takes about 90 minutes to play.

Like all great games Orctions combines fun with strategy. Based around 6 Orction techniques and a worker placement mechanic Orctions blends a fantasy world of Orcs with classic Roman Gladiators.

We are very proud of the beautiful art within the game. Legends in the comic world John Haward and Nigel Dobbyn created the cover and Trystan Mitchell illustrated all the Orcs, the board and 168 different cards.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. One of the ORCsome things about Orctions is that it is a game that relishes creativity and players who will enhance it. You can buy the game direct from us here as well. Orctions now only costs £20.

Orctions is a game of Orctioneering, strategy and skill that challenges conventional approaches to what a board game is.


Quotes about Orctions


@BoardGameHour said "In all honesty, best game of the @UKGamesExpo so far is #Orctions by @Quirkative." 


Mike from @WhoDaresRolls said about the launch and game that Orctions has "a stand that actually rivalled Luchador with its constant cheers and raucous behaviour. Ben and Nate from the esteemed Board Game Hour played a game and it was one of the most enjoyable moments from the EXPO, especially watching Ben when he overbid on an orction and was told to leave the hall in shame." Read Who Dares Rolls here.


Andrew from @FairlyGeek said "Played Orctions with @Quirkative today at #UKGamesExpo. Smashing bloke, awesome game."


@cardandpixel said "Orctions from @Quirkative is a brilliant & devious game that requires skill, judgement, luck and no self respect!"


Chris, better known as ADOGSBLOG said "The final demo game I played was Orctions. I absolutely loved this game and the game creator - Elliot Symonds who hosted it, was very entertaining to play against." You can read the blog here.