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Please share House Rules you devise here with the Orctions community.

Always remember that Orctions is a flexible game within the basic rules.


Want the Orctioneer to move round faster then only have two lots declared.

Mix lots up with open and blind.

Stick a d4 under the board during combat to make the dexterity rolls that much harder.

If you roll a 1 on a d6 during combat you take damage if attacker or defender.

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  • Not registered Created on 09/06/2015 10:20

    We played the other day and decided to take the Heroes out of the deck when dealing the original orcs to form the base of the gladiator school.

    Not registered Created on 22/06/2015 18:45

    o roll all the D4's first and when placing them you had to use one of the pre rolls, ie. You could not choose the number on the dice yourself but had to choose from the available pool of dice, this made the later section of the game which involved said dice a little more interesting.

    Not registered Created on 26/06/2015 06:32

    i posted this on BGG

    I had my first UK Expo this year and had great fun playing Orctions with Elliot Symonds ( the designer )

    the following ideas will have to be playtested

    the fight itself ( Part 2 of the game ) can drag a bit so i decided to add the rule that if you role a 1 on any dice you hurt yourself ( you take 1 damage for each 1 you rolled)


    4 new arenas with different things like pits or traps

    like all the other things you randomly roll for one of the arenas

    1) the plain arena from the back of the playing board

    2) an arena with traps - this is easily made :

    you just mark a few areas of the arena as traps and if the die "falls" into one of those traps ( lands on the markings even if it juist barely touches it ) you fall into the trap and roll one less dice in the next round

    3) an arena with pits - also easily made :

    you just mark a few areas of the arena as pits and if the die "falls" into one of those pits ( lands on the markings even if it juist barely touches it ) you fall into the pit and take 1 damage if its a normal pit or 2 damage for a deep pit

    4) an arena with wild animals

    these are neutral fighters so every other fighter is attacked by a third party

    so you also have to defend against the wild animals like you do against other gladiators

    the animal attacks the gladiator which die is nearest to him ( and is rolled by a third neutral player )

    5) an arena with ships

    mark some of the arenas space as ships ( the rest is water )

    if your dice land in the water or outside the arena your fighter also falls into the water and has to swim - for each die in the water he accumulates 1 exhaustion ( new token ) - if you ever go up to 10 tokens your exhausted and drown

    6) the player that won the first part of orctions decides which arena its goin to be



    each round you roll 1D4 what the sepctators think about the fight

    the following results are possible

    1) the don´t like the fight at all and target each gladiator - for every gladiator 1D4 of damage is rolled

    2)they are undecided - nothing happens

    3) the like the fight and throw things into the arena - every gladiator draws one card - if its a item he can use he is allowed to keep for the rest of the game

    4) a cleric takes pity on you - the fighter with the lowest hitpoints is healed by 1D6 hitpoints


    At the expo we also playtested with a tilted arena ( by placing a die below it )and we had lots of fun with it - so this is alos an option


    Add a token of "take that" that you can place near one player so that he can only be attacked with cards in the first part of the game until all characters have been hit by a card minus 1 ( so in a 4 player game after 3 players have been hit with a card )

    Not registered Created on 29/06/2015 13:58

    Don't always have three lots per Orctioneer. Orctioneer can choose, 1, 2 or 3 lots. It speeds up the game if you want to...OR slows it down.

    Not registered Created on 02/07/2015 08:47

    Agree about taking Heroes out of deck when dealing starting hand. We also like putting some weapons and armour into the lots for orction. It adds a lot more fun and excitement. Easy to do it.
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