Orctions is a fun family game where you play an Orc Warlord building a gladiator school. Orcasionally you will be the Orctioneer, Orctioning slaves by 6 Orction techniques to then pit them against each other in an arena of death.

Orctions costs £20.

3 to 8 players. 

For talented 8 year olds and over.


Orctions is a game of Orctioneering, strategy and skill.





The concept

The concept came out of years of research and playtesting by Elliot Symonds. Starting from time at Ashridge Business School and creating a training game up to the UK Board Games Expo 2014 where he pitched, what was then called 'Vickrey!', at the Dragons Den event. The feedback and reflection led to him developing Orctions.

We have been fortunate to secure the rights to use the mythology of the world of 'Umiat & Kenai' as a backdrop to the game. These books have been described as 'Literary Manga' and 'Gory fantasy that will gnaw your soul'.

We know you will enjoy the game that brings you the excitement of bidding on Orc fighters by various Orction techniques to enable a bloodfest of battle on the board.

Orctions is woven into the fantasy world of Umiat & Kenai. A worker placement mechanic is used in the first stage of the game, enhancing strategy with competitive Orctions. In the second stage, gladiatorial combat occurs as a dice combat game.

With art by Jon Haward and Trystan Mitchell we have a beautiful looking game. Manufactured by Trefl with design by Naked Marketing, it is of the highest quality.



The worker placement mechanic is further enhanced by the use of four sided dice representing the mountains and cities the Orc Warlords visit. Various results occur but by the end of each phase the City of Ve'Tath will have been visited and an Orction take place. When one Orc Warlord has a big enough squad of Orcs to win stage one the action moves to Rhyell and the arena where gladiatorial combat ensues.

We are very proud of the artwork in the game. We hope you enjoy it too. Trystan Mitchell, Nigel Dobbyn and Jon Haward have created a brilliant vision of the world of Umiat & Kenai and the characters who live within it. You can see some of the initial concept art by Jon Haward for the box cover below.