Orctioneers Wanted

Here at Quirkative Ltd we want to see a horde of Orctioneers dominating the globe.

As such we can now provide an entire starter kit so YOU can run your own Orctions at your choice of convention or event.

We can sell you the entire starter kit of immense pop up banners to provide the backdrop to your Orctioneer's Bazaar, Orctions Polo Shirts and classic Orctioneer Hoodies.

Then we can set up a unique web page, plus slide show page of your lots, prior to any event to help drive interest and previews of what you will be Orctioning.

Become the Orctioneer

The kit costs as follows.

'The Orctioneer's Phanatasmagorical and Quirkative Bazaar of Otherworldly Delights'

£500 + p&p

Orctions black polo shirts (any size)

£20 + p&p each 

Orctions black hoodie (any size)

£35 + p&p each

Your own unique Web Page and Slide Show on Orctions.co.uk


Contact Elliot at elliot@quirkative.com to arrange payment and begin Orctioneering.