Orction Lots

Thank you to everyone who attended our Orctions at Stand C25 of The UK Games Expo 2016. You all made it a wonderful event. Don't think we will ever forget the crowds on the Saturday and the way people jumped in on the Reverse Orction when we hit £5. It was ORCSOME.


Elliot 'The Orctioneer' Symonds and his sidekick Joe, returned to The UK Games Expo in 2017 with a bigger, and some say badder (not better), stand to Orction off hundreds of board games for their own profit as well as the benefit of charity.

We will never try to be good looking or pretty but we know we were the loudest stand of the convention and hopefully the most entertaining. Will we be back next year though?

Memories of some of the Orction Lots we have sold at UK Games Expo.